Neha garge



I'm Dr. Neha Garge, the author of The New Dentist's Guide to Real World DentistryI live in Northern Virginia with my husband and practice general dentistry at a private practice. I graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 2013 and have had 3 varied years of experience in private practice, group practice, and corporate dentistry. I've practiced on both coasts, in Massachusetts, California and Virginia, and have experienced so many of the things you will also experience in your first few years out of school. 

After helping so many dental students and new grads through personal connections alone, I thought - why not share all of this with a broader audience and try to help more people. The bottom line is I wanted to provide a resource that I had really searched for when I was graduating and really wished had existed but didn’t. I think something like this would have helped me so much. Although I really believe everybody goes through their own independent learning curve and that the majority of that learning curve just comes from real life, hands-on experience, sometimes it’s helpful to get someone’s advice that has gone through all of the same things. What was their journey like, what were some of the things that they wish they had done differently, or even the things that really worked for them, what were their first jobs like? This book is my way to reach out and share my experience. I share my successes, failures and my honest opinion on all things dentistry.