What you’re going to find in The New Dentist’s Guide to Real World Dentistry are the practical, everyday tips, tools and kinds of information that I wish I had when I graduated dental school. This book is going to be a lifesaver for countless new grads out there. It is the kind of resource that contains a world of information, and also a resource that points new dentists to a thousand others. It’s empowerment in print.
— Dr. Howard Farran, DDS MBA founder, CEO, and publisher of Dentaltown
Each section provides information and resources that might take a dentist years to assemble on their own. These resources combined with the perspective provided by Dr. Garge can serve as a very effective ‘road map’ for you to successfully navigate a path to your own success.
— Gary Takacs, dental consultant, speaker and host of The Thriving Dentist Show
Dr. Neha Garge, the author of The New Dentist’s Guide to Real World Dentistry, has generously offered her shoulders for you to stand on. Read and re-read this roadmap to success. Embrace the path that fits yours. Copy the genius. And when your passion is sufficiently fueled...share it with a friend.
— Dr. David Rice, founder of IgniteDDS
Dr. Neha Garge has put together one of the most detailed and comprehensive books I have seen for a new dentist starting their career after graduation. From experiences on different models of dental practices, pearls on communication, as well as helpful tips regarding clinical dentistry, The New Dentist’s Guide to Real World Dentistry serves as an excellent piece of the foundational knowledge new dentists must have.
— Dr. Scott Leune, founder and CEO of Breakaway Practice
Neha has been a non stop wealth of knowledge and support as I navigated my first year after school, and helped to make the process a little less intimidating!
She felt that there just wasn’t any resource for new graduates as they navigate deciding what path they want to pursue their first year out, as well as just a basic resource of what to expect with today’s job market and what is expected of you as a dentist.
— Dr. Sara Akbar, DMD 2015
This is exactly the kind of resource I have been struggling to find!! I am not even a dental student, YET. After battling leukemia I was told I need to make a career change and it’s the confidence that I gained throughout my treatment that finally pushed me to go after this dream. I’m 27 and starting at the beginning, however, I am wanting to own my practice and truly make a difference. Thank you so much for putting this out there for us new kids!
— Megan Jo
Bought this on a whim. It reads like a good friend several years into practice giving you the in’s and out’s. It DOES NOT read like some consultant article giving you zero actionable ideas and broad obvious strokes. Instead, it is candid, real, and probably the best book written on this subject out there. Tons of resources are outlined on what to do next. Keep in mind though the book is written from a personal perspective and so everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It is still up to the reader to answer all big hard questions, but at least now you have a better idea.
— Raymond Cheung, USC D4
I heard your podcast with Gary Takcas and I am so thankful that there is now a resource that has all the information I have been looking for in order to make my transition out of dental school easier. I am wrapping up my second year and hope to use some of the tips to make my next few years go smoothly. Thanks again!!
— Anna Mckee D2