table of contents


About Me

part I : the jump from student to dentist

     Before You Get Going
               Is Residency Right For You?
               Board Exams
     The Climate of Our Profession
               Where Should You Practice? 
               Corporate Dentistry vs Private Practice
     Job Hunting
               The Winning CV and Cover Letter
               Searching for Job Opportunities
               Personal Interview
               Working Interview

part II : real world dentistry

     New Graduate Armamentarium
     Dreams, Plans and Building Your Future
     Soft Skills

               Patient Management
               Practice Management
               Being a Team Player
               What Makes a Great Office
               What Makes a Great Doctor
     Day to Day Dentistry
               Helpful Suggestions for Beginners
               Clinical Tips
               The Rubber Dam
               Most Commonly Made Mistakes
               Painless Anesthesia
               CEREC 101
               Perfect Your Work Flow
               The Art of Treatment Planning
               Clinical Photography  
               Dental Practice Statistics
               Communication and Verbiage

part III : professional and personal success

     What Will Differentiate You?
               Building Your Professional Identity
               Managing Your Online Identity
               The Power of an Internal Referral
               Millennial Advantage
               Customer Service
               Continuing Education
     Resources Outside of the Office
               Continuing Education
               Mentors and People in the Field
               Social Media Accounts to Follow
     Personal Life, Health and Wellbeing
               Managing Your Financial Future
               Health is Wealth  
               Stress Management

part IV : to your bright future